Ollie Cox

Digital Nomad ยท ollie@coxi3.com

I'm a self taught programmer from Australia. Experienced with web app development and data collection. I'm the founder of CloudShop.net.au and DaaS.sh. I travel the world and work remotely.

Where in the world am I?

I've done some time working from various locations in Australia, Peru & Brazil.

Currently (Jan 2020) I'm in Perth, Australia.


I've windsurfed since 2007 and I still can't land vulcans properly

Am semi advanced at (port) tack wavesailing.

Late 2019 gnaraloo trip:

Forward loop gnaraloo 2019 ollie cox gnaraloo 2019

2016 Peru trip:

Pacasmayo windsurf 2016 Pacasmayo windsurf 2016 Pacasmayo windsurf 2016


I'm advanced at php and golang (circa 2014). I'm open to remote freelance work. If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact me via ollie@coxi3.com

Main experience includes:

  • Web app development with frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel and other custom MVC setups
  • API development (usually golang and php)
  • Web scraping

For a resume, please email.

For more details, checkout my linkedin, or shoot me an email.